All About Us

XtraOrdinary Ladies is a gift from God birthed from experiences growing up.  It was created by Ronisha N. Robinson to help young women from a myriad of backgrounds celebrate and embrace their God given beauty and purpose. Our President and Founder was always a plus size queen and growing up in a society that promotes looking thin, she struggled. She received many criticisms that caused self acceptance to be more difficult. Ronisha realized she was not alone. She found herself meeting young ladies who were mirror images of her as a teenager. They all had struggles that made them unable to embrace and celebrate themselves. She wanted to be the mentor that she needed when she was younger. She started to reach out to girls through her dance team and was then inspired to reach beyond and start mentoring them through relationship building. 

Ronisha realized that there was a greater need for young ladies in South Florida who struggled with self-acceptance. What started out as 2 girls in Hollywood, Florida has impacted over 1,500 girls in The Bahamas, Florida, Georgia, Detroit, Texas and Connecticut. 

Thank you for your desire to become a part of this ministry or your desire to sow into the vision by making a financial contribution or purchasing items. As God blesses us, XtraOrdinary Ladies will continue to bless others.

Mentor. Speaker. Author. Queen

Ronisha N. Robinson

President & Founder

About The President

Ronisha Nicole Robinson, is a South Florida native, author, speaker, queen and mentor, but the title she holds dearest to her heart is “daughter of the King”. In 2009, she knew that there was a call on her life, but she was unsure of what her purpose was. This was the year she rededicated her life back to Christ and her purpose began to unfold. The following year she was working alongside her Pastor’s Wife as an Assistant Youth Director at their local church in Hollywood, Florida. During this time, she discovered her purpose, answered the call to ministry and continued to walk in God’s Will with her head and her heels high.

Just a few years later, God gave Ronisha an additional assignment of mentoring and ministering to young ladies. Due to her obedience, she not only was able to impact the lives of many, but also able to make small steps to get her to where she currently is. Ronisha Nicole is the proud founder and President of XtraOrdinary Ladies (XOL), a vibrant organization dedicated to improving the lives of young ladies. XOL’s mission statement is “To equip, motivate and inspire young ladies to realize their full potential, purpose and worth by teaching them the importance of loving themselves and others, all while loving God”. 

Ronisha’s answer to the call sparked a flame and that flame has become a blazing fire that has spread both nationally and internationally, serving girls in Nassau, Bahamas, Miami, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Ft.Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Macon and Detroit.

XOL was birthed because there was a problem of young girls not being spiritually and emotionally guided adequately. Ronisha and her team of mentors and advocates are solving this problem with the Lord’s help by having informative Bible studies, engaging meetings, exciting outings and transparent heart-to-heart conversations. Ronisha’s goal in life is to “ live a life that is worthy of Christ all while having fun and enjoyment.” Welcome to XtraOrdinary Ladies!

Pink & Pearls Young Ladies Conference 2021

Pink & Pearls Young Ladies Conference is a one day conference geared to young ladies from all backgrounds. This conference consist of dynamic praise and worship, dynamic speakers and workshops. During this conference we focus on inner and outer beauty, building relationships with Christ, and stronger relationships with one another.