Donysha Givens-Knight

Hi, My name is Donysha Givens-Knight. I am an University Registrar  and an Advocate for XtraOrdinary Ladies. Mentoring is important to me because  I want to help cultivate self-assured and confident young ladies. To empower them and validate their feelings, dreams, and goals by being confidante, a sounding board, someone they can look up to and trust that someone has their back.

Hi my name Wendy Horton I am a Corporate Analyst and a mentor for XtraOrdinary Ladies. Mentoring is important to me because I feel young girls should have a safe space where they can be transparent, receive Godly advice that helps them make wise decisions whilst building their confidence and motivating them to reach their goals as they navigate to adulthood.

Wendy Horton

Kalynn Jones

Hi my name is Kalynn Jones I am a Mental Health Director for Pasco County Schools Head-Start I am also an advocate for XtraOrdinary Ladies for our Tampa Chapter. Mentoring is important to me because I was able to see women who look like me, so serving as tangible evidence that a Black girl from the south Florida could become anything she wanted to be. I hope to teach them how to overcome the struggles of being a Black girl at a predominantly white institution. Provide real advice on how to navigate a career where there will be very few people who look like them. Also to provide a strong support system and held me accountable so hopefully these young ladies will leave XOL, I am not confident that I would be able to say that, although the odds were against me.

My name is Marcella Moss-Mapp I am an advocate for XtraOrdinary Ladies. We work with the ladies on a one on one bases when they are working to overcome life challenges. Mentoring is important to me because growing up I was fortunate enough to have many woman poor into me. Working with organizations such as XOL give me the opportunity to pay it forward. I am the CEO of Luminous Life Consulting and Coaching.

Marcella Moss-Mapp

Dejia Glover

Hello there! I am Dejia Glover, an educator and a mentor with XtraOrdinary Ladies. Mentoring is important to me because I understand the importance of role models. I wish to encourage every young lady I encounter !

Hi my name is Shatoria. I a mother, attorney, Life Strategist ( The Renovated You LLC.) , and mentor for XtraOrdinary Ladies. Mentoring is important to me because the future is important to me. One of the most rewarding ways to have a positive impact on the world and the future is to positively impact a child.

Shatoria Means

Jamila Williams

Hi! My name is Jamila Williams, I’m an attorney and a mentor for XtraOrdinary Ladies. Mentoring is important to me because I believe it is our responsibility to continually pour back into our young women. it is important for them to see strong women from all walks of life to instill in them that anything is possible. 

Hi my name is Alexis. I am a Registered Nurse and a mentor for XtraOrdinary Ladies. Mentoring is important to me because I believe our youth need to be poured into & cultivated in environments of positivity to help them achieve success for today and for the future.


Alexis Alcime

LaFrieda Smith

My name is LaFrieda Smith. I am a mom, author, autism advocate and Mentor for Xtraordinary Ladies. As the oldest of 5 children, I believe mentoring is important at a young age for a girl because of the peer pressure to compete with others. The influences of social media causes girls to have a negative self image of themselves or even envy what other girls have leading to mental illness. It is crucial that young girls are told at a young age that they are beautiful, important and have a purpose outside of what society believes. Girls turning into woman; such as my daughter, need to know that they can do or be anything they want to be. It is important that they understand that we care about them and believe in their abilities even if no one else does including themselves. Guiding them in the right direction and being their support system will give them the security and reassurance they need to succeed above and beyond what they can achieve.

Hi, my name is Amber Smith and I am a 3rd Grade Educator and a mentor for XtraOrdinary Ladies. Part of my purpose here on Earth is to be an advocate for the youth, particularly our black and brown young boys and girls. Mentoring through XOL allows me to do just that with the young ladies that I encounter. Being able to provide support, moral guidance, spiritual guidance, and love is what matters most to me and to the lives that I am touching. Many of our young kids don’t have a safe space to be unapologetically them, they don’t have someone that believes in them, nor someone that can speak life into them — I am here to provide all of that and more.


Amber Smith

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