Pink & Pearls Conference 2022

Pink & Pearls Young Ladies Conference is a one day conference geared to young ladies from all backgrounds. The conference consists of uplifting praise and worship, dynamic speaker, hands-on workshops, make-overs and so much more. During this year’s conference, we will focus on stepping out of comfort zones , building relationships with Christ, and strengthening relationships with one another.
This year’s theme is “Shining in The Now” and our scripture reference is” Let your light shine for all to see Isaiah 60:1 “ .

When we think about shining we think about something being bright,beaming, glossy and so many other words come to mind. During this conference we want our girls to know that God wants us to beam when we walk inside of rooms or when we feel like dimming our like he wants us to turn on our switch so we shine bright. God gave each of us an area in our life that He wants us to Shine Bright in so we not only win souls for him but also allow our bright light to open doors for us. Join us June 25,2022 @ 10am to Shine in Now.

A message from our Founder

We are all guilty of dimming our lights for one reason or another. We’re also guilty of questioning our worth and our capabilities. But God is calling us to SHINE our lights for all to see. He sees us for who we are, the true essence of our being. So I challenge you take up space proudly and with such ferocity. Walk through doors with your head held high and allow your light to SHINE BRIGHT! If it’s too bright for others, suggest they wear shades or look the other way! Dim your light for no one! But always SHINE BRIGHT for the world to see.

Scholarship Winners for 2022

$2500 was raised!